About us

As each project is unique, we call on different skills as needed. A range of specialists help us to carry out research and plan your trip. We work closely with a number of museums, research centres, associations etc.


Historians, art historians and archaeologists


Architects, town planners, researchers


Illustrators, designers, printers


Our goal is to help you discover the Big Story of History by starting from your own story and history.

Guillaume Blondeau, Founder

Since earning his degree in History, Guillaume Blondeau has spent the last 15 years sharing his passion for the past. He started his professional career as a researcher at the Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society. He later moved into museum and tourism work. In 2015, he founded Mons Memorial Museum. Today, Guillaume Blondeau works to put together the museum’s various exhibitions, creates tourist trails and participates in the organisation of several international cultural events. At the same time, he is involved in carrying out genealogical research. As a specialist in the cultural history of the Great War, he has a wider interest in the concept of memorials.

Historical consultancy – Genealogy – Remembrance tourism – Publications